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    A Thread devoted to all news and events regarding the Pashto language, the language of the tribes of Pakhtunkhwa and Afghankhwa.

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    Terror, freedom and peace

    By Hidayat KhanPublished: November 25, 2014

    Actor-director-writer Azeem Sajjad’s Pashto drama serial Za Pakhtoon Yum attempts to dispel Pashtun-centred stereotypes engendered by foreign ‘intruders’.


    Terrorism has become such a deep-rooted issue in Pakistan that drama can either offer audiences relief from or make them confront the ongoing cauldron in the country. One of its most harrowing consequences has been the stereotypes it has engendered, especially those pertaining to the Pashtun identity. Dispelling this typecasting, actor-director-writer-model Azeem Sajjad’s Pashto drama serial Za Pakhtoon Yum (I am Pakhtoon) attempts to rebuild this marred perception.

    “It is through such dramas that we will be successful in creating a positive image of Pashtuns around the world,” Sajjad tells The Express Tribune about the show, Pakistan’s first HD Pashto drama serial, according to its official website. “Drama is a vibrant medium through which we can make people understand the problems at hand,” he adds. With the tagline ‘Hanging between terror, freedom and peace,’ the show is a step towards promoting peace in Pakistan.

    Sajjad has written the script of and plays the lead in the serial, which has been produced by Taseeq Haider and Irshad Ali Khan under the banner of Black Box Sounds. The serial’s title song Janan, written and directed by Sajjad, has been performed by the young singer Shaan Khan and its music has been provided by Sarmad Ghafoor.
    Sajjad plays the role of a police superintendent in the serial. Of his character, he says, “I have penned the role while keeping in mind [police officers] Shaheed Sifwat Ghayur and Shaheed Malik Saad, who lost their lives in the war [on terror].” He comments, “Za Pakhtoon Yum is a mega production, which has introduced technologies and versatility to the sphere of private production of Pashto dramas.”

    Za Pakhtoon Yum is Sajjad’s critique of the “intruders who have come to the land of the Pashtuns and imposed their will on them,” and offers a look into “the real sense of Islam.” He shares that the show has been a raving success among Pashtuns and that the team has even received letters from some police officers, who wrote that they would serve their duties more efficiently. “This was the best reward ever for me,” he states.

    According to him, the show is an effort towards encouraging more productions of this nature. The vision behind the project was to salvage the youth, especially those in tribal areas, from the perils of conservatism.

    He is currently gearing up for the release of the telefilm 8969, which he has directed and also features in. The shooting for the film has been completed and it is slated to be released in the beginning of next year. A thriller, 8969 stars notable actors, such as Saba Qamar, Hussain Tiwana and Sadaf Hamid.

    Hailing from Nowshera, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Sajjad has been part of the entertainment industry since 1986. He began his career in acting with the Urdu drama Baat Choti Si from PTV Peshawar centre, and stint as a director with the drama serial Thori Si Zindagi. Among Pashtun audiences, his claim to fame was the Pashto drama titled Jurum aw Saza. Other famous Pashto dramas he is known for include Khoboona and Tora Karkha.

    He is also credited with helming the first private drama production from Peshawar Thori Si Zindagi (1999 to 2000), which centralised AIDS patients. His more recent works as writer and director include Urdu drama Rishtay and Shikwa Na Shikayat and Ek Kasak Baqi Hai. Since 2001, he resides in Lahore.
    Published in The Express Tribune, November 26th, 2014.


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    Mightier than the sword?: Mohmand’s poets split hairs over impact of verse on peace

    By Our Correspondent Published: December 2, 2014

    According to Yousafzai, the Pukhtun land is once again under threat. After reciting his work, the poet urged the participants to help promote peace using their words. DESIGN: MUNIRA ABBAS
    SHABQADAR: Poets from Mohmand have established a new literary society, the Marakzi Mohmand Pakhto Adabi Tolana for the promotion of peace in the region. To commemorate the birth of a new adabi tolana, a poetry circle was held in the hujra of Nisar Mohmand, the Awami National Party’s president in the agency. However, participants remained divided over the impact of poets on society and peace building.

    “Pashto is not only a language, it is an entire culture,” said the chief guest, Abaseen Yousafzai. “Promoting the language means promoting the hundreds of years old Pukhtun culture,” stated Yousafzai.

    “History shows Pukhtuns have always preached peace and have never attacked others; unfortunately our land was always attacked by invaders from the world over like Alexander The Great and the Mughals.” He added, “Pukhtuns always fight a defensive war to protect their heritage.”
    According to Yousafzai, the Pukhtun land is once again under threat. After reciting his work, the poet urged the participants to help promote peace using their words.

    Failing to make a difference

    Poet and broadcaster Dr Israr Atal also addressed the gathering at the hujra. “Poets can play a vital role in promoting peace through active participation, but they have failed.”
    While praising Nisar’s efforts to gather the wordsmiths under one roof, Atal said, “Unfortunately, poets are no longer united, so how can they then unite the nation?”

    Talking to The Express Tribune, Atal also criticised the method by which the government was changing the curricula for the province. “Among 40 subject specialists who are part of the relevant committee, 22 belong to Malakand,” he said, terming it nepotism. “Fata’s poets have no representation there either.”

    Another poet, Shams Mohmand, also present on the occasion, accepted while poets remain divided on many issues, with the support of the government, they would be able to play their role positively.
    Published in The Express Tribune, December 2nd, 2014.


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    Dr Latif Swati your comments on this thread will be most appreciated.

    Deera manana Latif Lala.

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    Pakhtun women asked to play role in progress of society

    Bureau Report
    Published 2 days ago

    PESHAWAR: Pakhtun women were more aware and educated than yesterday and their role was inevitable for progress and prosperity of the society, said noted Pashto poet Haseena Gul Tanha.

    Speaking as chief guest at an annual Pashto day event at Khyber Union Hall of Islamia College, Peshawar here on Wednesday, she said whether Pashto tapa or other modern literary genres, Pakhtun women had boldly talked about the issues faced by them in the society.

    She said that Pakhtun women had great potential to excel in every field. It increased their responsibilities manifold to play a due role to shape a typical Pakhtun society where women were respected and considered a boon rather than a bane, she added.

    Ms Tanha said that Pakhtun women could do wonders in every sphere of life if given an opportunity. “I strongly assert that Pakhtun women should come forward to perform their duty as level of acceptance for them in our society today is higher than a few decades ago,” she added.

    She said that Pakhtun women knew more about her rights and privileges in the society than ever before. She said that Pakhtun women were in need of encouragement and appreciation from men.

    A Pashto declamation contest was also held on the occasion.

    About 16 students participated in the contest.

    Fazl Wadood, Ikramullah and Zafar Bukhari won first, second and third position respectively while 49 girl and boy students took part in the Pashto poetry contest. Manfat Ali Shah, Wisal Khalil and Shujaat Hussain obtained first three positions in the poetry contest.

    Sharing her views, Ayesha Khan Afridi from Bara told Dawn that she felt a totally different person while clad in traditional outfit. “Our traditional dress is graceful and modest.

    I think we should encourage youngsters to wear it as frequent as possible. Today’s event was fun as well as a wonderful experience,” she said.

    A dress show competition was also part of the event. Three girls and three boys attired in traditional Pakhtun dresses, however, stole the show and garnered a thundering applause from the tasteful audience in the hall.

    It was followed by an interesting quiz competition regarding history of Pashto language, poets and writers.

    The young speakers pointed out in their fiery speeches that Pashto language was not given its status despite the fact that UNO charter recommended mother tongue a must for getting basic primary education.

    Eminent Pashto fiction writer Noorul Amin Yousafzai said that mastering mother tongue was essential for acquiring basic education. Pashto language, he said, was at the 36th rank globally as per its speakers while it had been ranked as 26th language in the world which allowed all kinds of disciplines of knowledge including philosophy, humanities and science.

    Published in Dawn December 11th, 2014.


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    Renowned Pashto poet Ikramullah Gran dies at 73

    Faiz Muhammad

    Updated about 17 hours ago

    CHARASADA: Renowned Pashto poet Ikramullah Gran Bacha passed away due to cardiac arrest here on Thursday. He was 73.

    He left behind his widow, two sons and one daughter. He was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard in Yaseenzai, Prang. The funeral prayer was led by Jamaat-i-Islami provincial chief Prof Mohammad Ibrahim and attended by a large number of writers including Rehmat Shah Sail, Prof Abaseen Yousafzai, Dr Khaliq Ziar, Aziz Maneriwal and others.

    A delegation of poets and writers from Afghanistan led by Akber Jan Fulad also participated in the burial rituals of the late poet. A large number of local poets, writers, fans and people from Peshawar, Nowhsera, Mardan, Swabi, Bannu and other parts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa attended the funeral of the late poet.

    Born in 1941, at Yasinzai village of Prang, district Charsadda, Ikramullah Gran was widely known among Pashto literary circles for his mastery over ghazal writing. Baba-i- Pashto ghazal Amir Hamza Khan Shinwari had once called late Gran Bacha ‘the youth of Pashto ghazal’.

    A large number of writers and fans including a delegation from Afghanistan attend his funeral
    Gran Bacha won several awards and certificates for his standard and popular poetry. He was nominated two-time for pride of performance by the then presidents Zialul Haq and Pervez Musharaf.

    Baba-i- Pashto ghazal also wrote an epithalamium on the occasion of Gran’s wedding ceremony in early 60s in which besides praising his qualities, Hamza Baba had predicted the young poet’s high status in Pashto literary circles.

    Peace, tolerance, humanism and love were some topics that found fine expression in Gran’s poetry. Poetry of Gran Bacha was quite popular among people decades ago before its publication. Almost all noted singers have sung his numbers. A down to earth, Gran Bacha was a favourite bard and household name for Pakhtuns.

    The late ghazal maestro had to his credit only one poetry collection ‘Zama Ghazal’ published in his life time way back in 2002. He had set another collection of his poetry titled ‘Zhwand Da Khial Pa Ayeena Kay’ for publication next year which now will be published posthumously.

    Gran Bacha qualified only 9th grade from government high school Charsadda and left education incomplete because extreme poverty and mysterious illness but he was determined to educate his children. “Educating his children was great desire of my father. I am serving as English lecturer in Islamabad. My elder brother is an engineer while my sister is a qualified medical doctor. I am proud of my visionary father,” his younger son Abuzar told Dawn.

    He intends to translate selected poetry of his legendary father into English. “I have made up my mind to render some selected poems of my Baba into English once his own poetry gets published next year. He had collected specimen of his poetry and wanted to bring it out but unfortunately death overtook him before his poetry could see light of the day,” Mr Abuzar said.

    Gran Bacha had a large number of fans in Pakistan and Afghanistan among Pakhtuns.

    While still young he had received appreciation from literary critics and contemporary poets because of his distinct style Salim Raz, senior Pashto writer, said that Gran Bacha was a distinct voice. “Great literary figures like Hamza Baba, Ajmal Khattak, Qalandar Momand and Ghani Khan could not eclipse his widespread fame. It is indeed an irreparable loss to Pashto literature,” he added.

    Published in Dawn, December 12th, 2014


    *** Khyberwatch, the home of Pashtuns online, expresses its condolences for the loss of this great Pashtun writer and poet. ***

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    Release of seven new Pashto films this Eid

    By Hidayat Khan / Photo: Muhammad Iqba

    lPublished: July 17, 2015

    PESHAWAR: For the first time in 35 years and breaking all previous records, the Pashto film industry will release seven new movies on Eidul Fitr.

    Arshad Khan, famous Pashto film director and producer, who also owns two cinemas in the city, said these films were the only sources of revenue for the crumbling cinema houses; Urdu movies do not come with a high demand. Like in the past, this year, no mainstream Urdu movies will be shown in any cinema of the city.

    All preparations have been completed and advertising has commenced with unparalleled zeal: rickshaws zip across the city, decorated with film posters. Walls and boards across the city are papered with posters.

    Stamped with approval

    All the films have been approved by the federal censor board and are ready to be screened. Shama Cinema, famous for B grade movies and being attacked by militants, will also resume operations from the first day of Eid.

    “This will prove to be the most successful year for our movies,” boasted Shahid Khan, who is in three different movies which have been produced and directed by his brother Arshad Khan.

    “Even though they provide entertainment for thousands of people in the city, movies (here) have always been below par with unrealistic violence, feeble plots, excessive display of weapons and too many dance sequences,” said Shahid. “This year we have focused on great plots with outstanding music.”

    Tough competition

    The Khan brothers who are said to have a monopoly over the cinema and Pashto film industry claimed in the face of tough competition from other film makers—such as Nadir Khan and Muzafar Khan who are also releasing their movies this Eid—they have spent about Rs60,000 on each film and the entire cast has put in great effort to make the movies “super hits”.

    Arshad has high expectations from the movies he has produced and directed this year. He stated some films like Ma Cherah Gharib Sarah will be released in Urdu and Punjab immediately after Eid.

    “Pashto movies are better than all the other flicks produced in the country. We have adopted modern technology still not in use in Punjabi and Urdu films,” he said.

    This year’s late summer line-up includes: Ma Cherah Gharib Saray, Sar-Teza Badmash, Daagh, Mayeen kho Lewani vee, Khanadani Badmash, Pakhtun pa Dubai ke and I Love You too.

    Repeat performance

    The films will be screened at all the cinemas in Peshawar, Mingora, Mardan, Kohat and at a few theatres in Karachi as well.

    Almost all the actors have roles in all seven films. Jahangir Khan will be in five of the movies, while Arbaz Khan will play the lead in four flicks. The cast also includes Sahar Malik, Sobia Khan, Aman Khan, Shahid Khan, Dilbar Munir, and Muhammad Husain Swati.


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