Fazal Hameed Dawar, the loudest voice from North Waziristan Agency against the enemies of humanity and forces of obscurantism, was silenced forever.

Hailing from a middle-class family of Khaddai village on Miramshah Road in North Waziristan, he was killed by militants on December 6, 2010 after keeping him in captivity for about two months. He was kidnapped on October 8, 2010 near Qutabkhel area when he was returning from a meeting with political administration along with Nisar Ali Khan, the former ANP candidate for the National Assembly seat. The latter was freed a day before the killing of Dawar.

A simple man in his late 50s, Dawar was the president of the ANP for North Waziristan. Being a die-hard nationalist, he remained loyal with the party till his death. He had close association with freedom fighter Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan a.k.a. Bacha Khan and Khan Abdul Wali Khan.

In his struggle against dictators, this prisoner of conscience was put behind bars several times. During military dictator Ziaul Haq’s era, he spent years in self-exile in Afghanistan.

Dawar also served the party as member of central working committee. He was tasked to head the party in militancy plagued NWA after his predecessor Haji Anwar Shah was killed in a suicide attack during an election campaign in February 2008.

His poor family background never encouraged him contest the elections, but he always supported the party candidates and relentlessly worked in their campaigns.

Despite all threats to his life, the valiant Dawar never budged an inch from his stance and always expressed his views against militants explicitly. He was a steadfast man and was seen openly talking against militancy.

Some of the locals believe his unflinching stance might be the reason behind his killing. His bullet-riddle body also bore the marks of torture. The eyewitnesses said that a letter was also found near his body and it stated: “This is Fazal Hameed son of Abdul Haleem, tribe Dawar and village Khaddai. He was killed for his association with ANP.”

One of his friends, wishing not to be named, said Dawar was a true nationalist and had sacrificed his life for the Pakhtun cause. “I am not in politics to make money. I want to inform Pakhtuns about the reasons of their plight and to persuade them keep up their struggle against the forces who want to harm us,” he recalled one of his conversations with the slain leader.

Dawar left a widow, three sons and three daughters to mourn his death. His son Nasir Khan, while talking to maverickpakistanis.com, said they had no clue as to why his father was killed and for what crime? Like his gallant father he too resolved to follow in the footsteps of his father by continuing his association with the ANP. The postgraduate but still jobless Nasir said: “I would emulate the struggle of my father for the Pakhtun cause, come what may.”

Talking to maverickpakistanis.com, Nisar Ali Khan, who was kidnapped with the deceased and was freed a day before Dawar’s killing, said he was the elder of the party in North Waziristan. Dawar always followed the party principles and struggled for extension of Political Parties Act to Fata, Nisar said, adding that Dawar was a popular leader of the ANP and would be remembered for long.

Asked whether he met him during captivity, Nisar Khan said they were kept apart and he never saw him after abduction.

ANP Provincial President Senator Afrasiyab Khattak, while talking to maverickpakistanis.com, condemned the killing of Fazal Hameed Dawar. Showering praise on the slain leader, he said that he was a committed political activist who always fought for the cause of the Pakhtun nation.

The senator said that Dawar never bowed before the terrorists and preferred martyrdom to making compromise with miscreants. “His martyrdom will long be remembered by the Pakhtuns,” he said.

He said Dawar worked for his ideals, which were to bring about peace in Fata and the social administration reforms. Afrasiyab said that hundreds of ANP workers and leaders rendered unmatchable sacrifices for the motherland, which would not go waste. “Since the inception of Khudai Khidmatgar movement to the martyrdom of Fazl Hameed Dawar, the ANP never hesitated to offer sacrifices for the betterment of the Pakhtuns,” he said.

For last couple of years, the ANP workers, leaders and their family members are the prime targets of the militants. The party lost more than 400 workers in its fight against extremism and militancy.

It has also lost two of its lawmakers, Alamzeb Khan and Dr Shamsher Ali. Militants also killed the lone son of Provincial Minister for Information Mian Iftikhar Hussain while they also gunned down the brother of Minister for Environment and Forests Wajid Ali Khan. Militants also killed the close family members of ANP lawmaker Waqar Ahmad Khan in Swat.