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How Pakistan was flooded using HAARP technology– HAARP

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“Rivers of Water” in our atmosphere
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The Pakistan Floods Have Experts Baffled: HAARP Technology further explained, ELF (HAARP) technology to flood Pakistan

Keeping in with the link between PAKISTAN floods and Air Blue explosion to HAARP technology. Let us look how Pakistan was flooded using HAARP technology.

A monsoon is essentially a reversed wind or in detail the assymetric heating of the land and sea. The Souh West Asian Monsson between June and September occurs as follows;

It is said that the The Thar Desert and interlocking areas of the northern and central Indian subcontinent heat up quite intensely during the hot summers, this therefore results in a low pressure area over the northern and central Indian subcontinent.

Following this the moisture laden winds from the Indian Ocean rush in to the subcontinent. These winds, rich in moisture, are carried up towards the Himalayas by the jet streams. This then creates winds blowing storm clouds towards the subcontinent. The Himalayas act like a barrier, stopping the spread of the the winds from passing into Central Asia, thus forcing them to rise. Because of the increase in altitude of the clouds, the temperature drops and this causes precipitation.

It is this precipitation that causes the monsoon season, heavy rain falls tends to hit the following regions Himalayas and NWF of Pakistan, Central India and Bay of Bengal.

Now consider this? Applying HAARP technology into our atmosphere to localise the rainfall like a large dam over one specific region giving it 10 times the normal rainfall then it would receive if it were a natural monsoon.

Allow me to explain:

I have been reading extensively on HAARP technology and came across a very relevant explanation on the following website;


GWEN towers really do is to work in conjunction with HAARP transmitters to create storms and alter weather patterns. Now, let us examine how the 1993 flooding in the Midwest was created.

Did you know that God has placed huge “rivers of water” in our atmosphere? Reginald E. Newell of M.I.T. wrote in the “Geophysical Research Letters Journal” that rivers of water flow in the lower atmosphere. These “rivers” are not actually condensed water, but are vapors that really flow. In other words, man cannot see them, nor realize when he is flying an airplane through them. But, these vapor rivers are enormous. Their flows rival the actual flow on Earth of the mighty Amazon River. These rivers of vapor are 420 to 480 miles wide and up to 4,800 miles long. These rivers of water are 1.9 miles above the earth, and have volumes of 165 million kilograms of water [340 million pounds] per second.

Scientists further discovered that there are five (5) atmospheric rivers in the Northern Hemisphere and five (5) more in the Southern Hemisphere. Each of these 10 rivers carries these flow rates mentioned above. [Ibid., page 75]

Now that we know there are rivers of water 1.9 miles above the surface, and one or more of them transverse the United States, how does one best create a massive, 500-year flood? The easiest way, of course, would be to throw up a dam that would prevent the vapor river from going on its normal way, thus dumping huge amounts of water behind where it had been “damned” up!

The question of the hour is, how can one create a “dam” in the atmosphere? Scientists have discovered that ELF generation can cause an electronic dam to be created in the atmosphere! These electronic dams can divert or block these vapor rivers, causing huge amounts of rainfall to be dumped!

This artificial dam that was created to cause the 1993 massive floods was formed from a combination of the HAARP towers in Alaska and the GWEN electronic towers throughout the Midwest. Scientists left this ELF transmission on for 40 days and 40 nights, probably mocking the flood by which God destroyed the earth in the Book of Genesis. You know, this type of God-mocking is precisely the Method of Operation (M.O.) of the godless, New Age type of individual. Scientists involved in this operation must be feeling very smug by now, as they must literally feel that they control the Earth, not the God of the Bible.

This might be an explanation for the floods that submerged the then known world in the time of Prophet Nu’h (AS).

Could this be a sientific explanation for the great floods.

Now keeping with this explanation, is it not possible that the atmosphere over NWF Pakistan was energised to first create a tremendous storm of unseen proportion and then using ELF technology, elctronic dams were propped up in our atmosphere. Thus allowing the rainfall to be collected over the NWF – Pakistan region and when those dams erupted in the atmosphere it flooded the NWF region.

Further anomalies to be looked at the splitting of the jet streams across Russia, China and Pakistan;

The jet stream s essentially a giant loop of high winds that circulate around the upper atmosphere, please google or look up Tom Clarke a science correspondent writing about the Monsoon Jetstream that has devastated Pakistan.

The Jetstream does not affect the localised weather becuase it circulates high up and pushes atmospheric weather across the globe. Therefore pushing large scale weather patterns across the globe.

The bizarre effect of the Pakistan Jet Stream;

This stream has split in 2 “spliced”, disrupted..

Physicist Dr. Bernard J. Eastlund essentially “borrowed” Tesla’s ideas and received a patent (#4,686,605 issued Aug. 11, 1987) for an invention which employed the borrowed ideas. The patent was assigned to ARCO’s APTI and on Sept. 6, 1987, National Public Radio reported:

“Dr. Eastlund stated that his new invention could be used to change the weather by redirecting the very high wind patterns… The invention uses an earth-based power source to create electromagnetic radio waves and focus them way up into the atmosphere. Dr. Eastlund says the invention could steer the jet stream, but could also be used to disrupt communications all over the world.”

Among other things, the 1987 patent states, “Large regions of the upper atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpected high altitude…weather modification is possible, by for example altering the upper atmosphere wind patterns (which is exactly what the Russian Woodpecker ELF system does).”