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Privacey Policy

We welcome to KhyberWach and its forums.

KhyberWatch is a Pakhtun website where all the members irrespective of their political affiliations, discuss all aspects pertaining to Pakhtuns, their problems, future and their undiluted Pakhtunwali. We donít discuss other nationalities. Though Khyber Forums primarily acts as a traditional Hujra for all the Pakhtuns around the globe, however we highly encourage any non-Pakhtun to join us in discussing all issues related to Pakhtun Nation.

Any person, irrespective of his/her cast, creed and color, interested in Pakhtun politics, sociology and history can join Khyber Family.

All the members are requested to read this policy in conjunction with the rules and regulations of KhyberWatch reflected on the main page.

1. Members may adopt any ID generally known in Pakhtunland.

2. Being a pure Pakhtun forum, no disparaging remarks against Pakhtun nation will be tolerated. Any member found using any such language will be brought into the notice of Charwak and the member will be warned and on repetition he/she may be banned from the forum permanently. However, this doesnít preclude the members from highlighting the weaknesses of Pakhtun, the weaknesses in Pakhtuns be discussed with a sole purpose to recommend positive changes in our social structure, behaviour and Pakhtunwali.

3. There will be zero tolerance to abusive language, personal comments and derogatory remarks against any religion, sect, nation, and country. The words like matoos, wahabis, araboos, pakis, amerkkans etc must be avoided. Any such comments will be deleted out rightly.

4. Members are requested to avoid the posts engendering fight, sectarian discourse, tribal ascendancy etc.

5. PM is a personal matter and should be dealt accordingly. No member will disclose the contents of PM in open forum without the permission from the originator. However, if the contents of the PM are against the KhyberWatch policy, it may be sent to the Charwak for taking necessary action against the offender.

6. No topic that has an indecent, clearly offensive, or provocative title shall be allowed.

7. Any insulting remarks against Pukhtun heroes will never be tolerated being repugnant to Pakhtuns emotions.

8. Any post containing language insulting and derogatory to another memberís family and relatives will be deleted out rightly.

9. All members are requested to stick to the topics only. All gupshup should be restricted to the gupshup forum only. Any irrelevant comments in a serious discourse will be deleted out rightly without any intimation to the poster.

10. The thread starter must avoid posting long articles rather should use/highlight the important parts of the article with a link to the original website.

11. KhyberWatch is highly sensitive in keeping secrets of our respectable members. Members may communicate directly with each other for gaining personal information. Charwak or any other administrator and moderator will not be pursued for information about other members.

12. KhyberWatch will not be used for personal and/or business advertisements. However Charwak/ Moderator may be consulted for advertisement which are Pakhtun related.

13. Party politics should be avoided as much as possible. We donít put ban on party activities but expect a healthy and peaceful environment on the board. Moreover, no member should use derogatory language against political leaders and their manifestos.

14. Any member may use the KhyberWatch contents along with the links in other forums/websites without prior permission. This doesnít include videos/audios being right protected; however, members may give the links of all audios/videos.

15. KhyberWatch always honour and respect the rights of the authors/producers. We always seek permission before publication of any material on our main pages. However, sometime due to the non-availability of the authors/producers, we publish the material for the best interest of Pakhtun nation with a plea that the author/producer would have granted the permission if asked. However, all the contents posted, copied to the Hujra pages are the sole responsibility of the posters. KhyberWatch administrators are not able to handle such type of materials.

16. All the co-administrators, moderators and members are requested to keep the security of their contents, scan all the pictures and documents prior to uploading and log out every time before leaving the hujra.

17. A member will only be banned in the forum after the mutual consensus of administrators, moderators and senior members. All the administrators and moderators enjoy the rights of amending / deleting any post found offensive and repugnant to Pakhtun cause. However if the member persistently use the same derogatory language, he/she may be banned from the forum and if he/she logged in with alternative ID, his/her IP will be banned for a particular period and the member will be informed through his/her email address accordingly.

18. Member should not announce their retirement from KhyberWatch or its hujra in the open forum, he/she should discuss the problem with Charwak / Moderators/ senior members instead.

19. As moderators enjoy the rights of amending/ deleting the post of the members, therefore members are requested not to argue on the matter. If a moderator deletes a post of a member erroneously, he should accept his mistake and inform the member apologetically. The moderators are not allowed to warn /ban a member without prior approval from Charwak or other administrators.

20. KhyberWatch and its administrators are not responsible for the contents of the post of any member. All the members are highly matured and must bear the onus of their posts. KhyberWatch and its administration publish the material considered to be in the best interest of Pakhtun nation.

21. KhyberWatch will not publish any material on its main page if the author is unknown to administrators and media, or if the author or his/her material is considered to be objectionable or belonging to a banned organization.

22. KhyberWatch is a secular site and views all aspects in relation to the best interest of Pakhtun regardless of religious and regional perspectives.

Kore Mo Wadan
Zahid Buneray,


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